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About Us

Microclone started as Super Starts in 2005

We put together the Super Starts kit in 2005 when we were fixing two issues.   A medicinal dispensary in SF was seeking tissue culture for their propagation at the same time  we were trying to produce hundreds of flower-ready 5-inch clones to fill the Coliseum and Rotogrow gardens, and tissue culture was the obvious choice for both of them.     But there was no protocol for cannabis yet, what to use and how to use it.  So it just happened that Bill Graham, the founder of MIcroclone, had a degree in horticulture and  had managed a large tissue culture lab.   Bill used baby food jars in his bathtub and tested a list of tissue culture  recipes  to find the best ones for cannabis, redwoods, iris, and orchids, his favorite plants.  

The customers were happy and it was easy to put all of the needed items together with instructions that anybody could use.  The instructions were written already.  

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