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The Microclone tarter Seed Starter Kit uses micropropagation techniques

The Seed Starter Kit greatly increases the germinating success of old and valuable seeds.  We have put our seed protocol into an easy to use kit based on tissue culture and micropropagation sanitation.  The seeds are washed in a disinfectant, hydrated in an exclusive Sterile Germination Fluid, and planted in tubes of sterile coco coir.  Two extra tubes of Microclone Starter Agar are included as a meristem rescue for any partial germinations.  Top breeders use Microclone Seed Starting to propagate their valuable seeds and land strains.

Part 1 Intro and Media preparation

We made this video a few years ago and some of the items are a little different than in current kits.  New media kits contain a 60ml bag of liquid media, that includes the MS nutrients, growth factors, and hormones.  The MS is a separate bag in this video.  The rest of the procedure is on our Microclone play list on YouTube.

Starting Tissue Culture Cannabis

Bill is putting short cuttings into Starter Tubes  Starter kits now contain glass tubes with plastic snap on lids, instead of the threaded caps.